Thursday, April 15, 2010

So, I think this is it...

Welcome to my blog. I'm pretty sure I got everything. I actually had fun making it and exploring different aspects like posting movies, pictures, etc. (Watch the movies, they're worth it! And they are short.... ) ANYway, enjoy!

Technology Interview

From my interview, I learned that some schools just don't have a ton of technology and there's not much we can do about it. We just have to get creative and work with what we have. (Either that, or write a killer proposal to get stuff in your school.) It also made me think that it would be important to find out how much access kids have to computers at home-- if our schools lack a ton of technology, how are the homes in the area? Are kids getting their greatest exposure to computers at home or in our classroom? If its in the classroom, then we need to be making sure we teach them as much as we can, even if we have few resources...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Week 12

After watching the movies "I love Spiders" and "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" I learned that technology can be a very effective way of involving people outside of the classroom. Parents can become more involved by watching what children have put together with technology, and other classrooms and students and teachers can be brought in to enrich the learning process. I thought that was pretty neat, because the more teachers and parent involvement, the better. I also thought it was interesting and pertinent to know that for some kids, the exposure to computers they get at school might be the only time they learn how to utilize and play around with a computer. This will probably change a little as computers are playing a larger and larger role in our everyday lives, but there will probably always be children who have very little experience with computers. As teachers, we should teach them life skills that will allow them to succeed. Certainly using a computer for basic needs is one of those life skills.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lesson Plans-- 10th Grade Social Studies

Lesson Plans-- 7th Grade Language Arts

Lesson Plans-- Science 2nd Grade

Week 11-- TPACK project

Technological Pedagogical And Content Knowledge--

TK-- techological knowledge is required to understand and use technology, or tools. (Downloading, knowing what software does what, where to find it, etc.)

PK-- pedagogical knowledge is related to the general methods and skills of teaching.

CK-- content knowledge has to do with knowledge of certain subjects or topics like math, history, etc.

Combinations of these 3 components are good, but in order for a teacher to be most effective, they need all 3 together: content knowledge, knowledge and skills to teach that content best to kids, and the technology to make it interesting and fun and applicable for kids.

There are also different ways to teach a concept with representations, such as:
Textual-- reading
Visual-- look at pictures, graphs, etc.
Auditory-- listening to speeches, podcasts, etc.
Dynamic-- usually has to do with technology that allows children to interact (a website that allows them to control and explore)
Multimodal-- Contains a combination of several of the above representations
** Which will be most interesting and of most benefit to students? **

Most of the technologies we have looked at in this class are dynamic, which I think would be more interesting to kids, especially SpEd kids.

Week 10

Voicethread-- this is a type of community blogging tool that utilizes video, audio, and messaging. It's pretty cool and versatile. It allows a community to comment, keep in touch, and contribute to a topic or page.
It is free on the internet.

Kidspiration-- This is a kid's page to help them learn and interact. It helps kids have fun, get involved, and learn things in school. It is also free, and it is already downloaded on the computers in the McKay Building TEC lab.

Stellarium-- This allows students to pick any place in the world at any time and look at the sky there. They can use it to study phases of the moon, stars, planetary motion, time zones, etc.
It can be found on the internet for free, and just needs to be downloaded.